• Climate action wins in court

    by Seth Zuckerman on June 30, 2014

    Why rooftop solar is only half the price in Germany and Australia as in the U.S., what impacts of climate change make people move away, and other top stories of the week in climate and clean energy.

  • Sunnyside Up

    by Bobby Hayden on June 30, 2014

    In a community at the crossroads of our energy future, a growing solar company is making the clean economy real.

  • 50x30 Carbon Reduction: What Would It Take?

    by Elizabeth Willmott on June 24, 2014

    The King County-Cities Climate Collaboration asked us what it would take to achieve meaningful carbon reduction goals by 2030. Here's our combination of strategies that can reduce emissions by 50 percent.

  • Making the business case for climate action

    by Seth Zuckerman on June 23, 2014

    Risky Business report counts the benefits of climate action, solar panels sprout in "community solar gardens," Berkeley considers climate warning labels at gas pumps, and more nuggets of climate and clean energy news.

  • Renewable standards turn out to be a bargain

    by Seth Zuckerman on June 16, 2014

    The surprising role of deep-sea fishes in sequestering carbon, Tesla opens up its patents, Volkswagen brings a 260-mpg car to market, and much more.

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