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Reality TV may be unreal, but these innovators tackle a bigger problem with bona fide zeal

Climate change can sometimes seem like the proliferation of bizarre ‘reality TV’, a problem so huge and entrenched only those with a Quixote complex would be crazy enough to tackle it. 

I’ve found no one with the audacity to take down ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’, but every day I’m inspired by the boldness, creativity, and commitment of Northwesterners working in their various ways to advance climate solutions. 

I want to draw your attention to a handful of them now. The Northwest Biocarbon Initiative (NBI) is unveiling our first set of NBI Innovation Partners: companies and non-profit agencies whose projects increase the capacity of the planet to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in plant life and soils. 

In isolation, the contribution of these projects to solving global climate change would barely make a drop in a very large bucket. But the Northwest Biocarbon Initiative is galvanizing a wide range of the region’s biocarbon doers – farmers, foresters, community groups and businesses – to build the Northwest into the nation’s leading laboratory and incubator for biocarbon solutions. As a region, we can influence the nation; and our nation once mobilized can influence the world.

So come meet our first NBI Innovation Partners: American Farmland Trust, Build Local Alliance, DePave, Ecotrust Forest Management, Hyla Woods, Pacific Northwest Biochar Initiative, Oregon Wild, The Climate Trust, Trout Mountain Forestry, and the US Biochar Initiative. 

These innovators are pioneering the type of biocarbon solutions that we’ll need to scale planet-wide in the coming decades: 

  • Working with farmers to profitably restore natural habitat
  • Growing and building markets for forest products from forestlands managed with ecology and the long-term in mind
  • Helping federal land managers implement active restoration programs to rebuild healthy ecosystems on our public lands
  • Converting excess paved-over lands into greenspace in our cities and towns
  • Developing the finance tools and methods for good biocarbon projects to make even better business sense  

We plan to add dozens more Innovation Partners from across the Northwest this year. Do you know of a company or non-profit that should be part of the Northwest Biocarbon Initiative? Introduce us!

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Director, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure

, Climate Solutions

Rhys Roth co-founded Climate Solutions in 1998, and left the organization in July 2013 to create the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure.

To connect with the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, contact Rhys Roth at [email protected] or 360-867-6906.