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First up for 2020: Clean Fuels for WA!

Very soon, Washington's State Legislature will decide on an issue that can make a huge difference in moving away from fossil fuels and towards a healhier climate. Hearing from constituents will remind them of the need to show some climate leadership.

The Clean Fuel Standard will break oil companies’ monopoly on our fuel sources by requiring them to sell us cleaner burning gasoline and diesel and investing in ways to increase zero-emission electric vehicles. We know we need to transition away from fossil fuels to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

Our challenge is that 2020's short legislative session in Olympia will happen fast, and we know the oil industry will pull out every delay tactic.

Can you contact your senator today and ask them to be a leader for cleaner fuels?

They need to do more than just support a good idea—they need to champion it. California, Oregon and B.C. all already have successful clean fuel standards so we know this climate solution works. Senators need to vote YES and to lobby their colleagues to support a Clean Fuel Standard for cleaner transportation, better air quality, and a healthier climate.

Please contact your legislator today!


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Washington Field Organizer

, Climate Solutions