Rally at Oregon Capitol

Eric Stachon

Delay is denial: Oregon's climate emergency needs us all

Our #1 priority remains comprehensive statewide climate action. The bill to make this happen, Senate Bill 1530, was just passed by the joint budget committees and is currently ready for a vote on the Senate floor.

However, immediately after the budget vote this morning, eleven Senate Republicans fled the Capitol yet again to deny quorum for the Senate to conduct any business. As President Peter Courtney said to the half-empty Senate chamber this morning, “there are more than enough votes on SB 1530 and that will not change.”

Legislators who don’t like a particular bill should do their jobs by showing up, working to make it better, and voting – not turning their backs on the entire process. As an Oregonian, it’s a dark day watching legislators obstruct our democracy and play politics with our clean energy future - again.

  • If your Senator walked out, tell them that you expect them to go back and do their job, representing you.
  • If your Senator has stayed on duty, please thank them for staying strong – and that you support SB 1530.

Opponents to climate action are obstructing our democracy and still trying to weaken the legislation. We have to keep showing up and reminding our elected officials that we expect action. What we do right now to address the climate crisis will have immediate benefits for us, while also ensuring that the Oregon we love will remain livable for future generations.

Meredith Connolly's picture

Oregon Director

, Climate Solutions

Meredith develops, advocates for and implements clean energy and climate change policies and programs to accelerate Oregon’s transition to a clean energy, low-carbon economy.

Prior to joining Climate Solutions, she was a Climate and Energy Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council. In that capacity, she advanced policies for deploying renewable energy, creating clean energy jobs and increasing energy efficiency in the U.S. and internationally. She also implemented programs to protect public health and improve climate resilience to heat waves and air pollution in India’s growing cities. Before NRDC, Meredith practiced law in the private sector.

Meredith serves as a board member on the Portland Utility Board, and is a member of the Oregon and California State Bar Associations. She holds a JD from Boston College Law School and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and French from Santa Clara University.

In her free time, Meredith enjoys exploring her incredible home state of Oregon with her husband and two kids, and rooting loudly as a member of the Portland Timbers Army.