Let's get real: the state of the union is up to us.
January 30, 2018

The State of the Union, fortunately, isn’t just about the performance of the federal government. Because right now that place is a mess – especially when it comes to climate action. When the CEO of Exxon-Mobil is the country’s chief diplomat, it’s time to start looking elsewhere for climate leadership.

…Like right here!  States have always led the way on climate policy in the U.S., and three things are now clear: we CAN do it – the clean energy revolution is accelerating; we MUST do it – despite all our good progress, the climate crisis demands MUCH faster action; and we’re NOT going to get any help right now from the other Washington.

So that leaves only one question:  WILL we do it, right here and now, in Olympia?  Let’s answer together, by calling on our lawmakers for solutions as big as the problem. We’re not asking for a lot because we’re greedy or idealistic, we’re demanding what’s necessary!

Send a message to your legislators now to support:

  • 100% Fossil Free electricity. (SB 6253) would end development of new fossil-fueled power plants in Washington. Let’s stop making it worse so we can make it better!
  • Investing in a just transition to clean energy - SB6203 would charge fossil fuel suppliers  for their climate-warming carbon pollution. Let’s invest in ensuring that clean energy and transportation choices are available and affordable for everyone.
  • Clean fuels (HB 2338).  It’s time to start busting up the oil monopoly and increasing the availability of cleaner alternatives!
  • Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) (HB 2328).  In California and Oregon, they have more affordable electric vehicles available at car dealerships. You know why? Because they have a ZEV law. We need that!

(Yup, all of them.  There will always be reasons why our leaders believe they can’t do enough. We need to help them overcome that :). Physics is not negotiating here.  Gotta do what we gotta do.)

Please make your voice heard now. Our children and other living beings are counting on us.

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Author Bio

Joëlle Robinson

Field Director, Climate Solutions

Joëlle engages citizens and diverse constituencies—faith, health, veteran, youth, parents, sportsmen, business—to make their voices heard for climate solutions. She led local field work collaboration with our partners toward passing a federal climate bill, and is currently working to ensure we stop any coal export from the U.S. West Coast.

Joëlle was the Regional Outreach Coordinator of National Wildlife Federation where she focused on mobilizing hunters, anglers and concerned citizens around solutions to global warming. Previous work with Climate Solutions includes the NW Climate Connections partnership, serving as the Field Assistant for the successful Clean Cars campaign, and Field Director of the Renewable Fuel Standard, which passed in April 2006.

She is a board member of Earth Ministry and on the Advisory Board for the Seattle Area Happiness Initiative. She previously served on the Solar Washington board and Sierra Club Executive Committee.

Joëlle is a Northwest native who loves to hike, bike, dance, paraglide, and travel. Her favorite quote is “Hope is borne of participating in hopeful solutions.” — Marianne Williamson.