Let's go, climate champions!
November 16, 2015

Because of our community of climate champions, the Northwest continues its leadership on climate and clean energy – and the biggest opportunity in the history of Climate Solutions for our region to have a global impact is already underway.

We’re grateful to everyone who was able to attend our 7th Annual Dinner in Portland last week. As we noted that night, and we continue to see every day: the clean energy economy is inevitable, scalable and irresistible. The question is: can we do it fast enough? With your help, we can. 

At the Annual Dinner, we announced our “Month of Climate Champions” fundraising  goal of raising $250,000 between now and December 16th, the 350th day of the year. Meeting this goal will ensure we can continue to work for strong climate action through the end of this year and start 2016 strong. Thank you to all of you who donated generously at our Annual Dinner – we’ve already raised $95,005 toward our $250,000 goal because of you! Thank you!

But now we need everyone else to raise their hand and help. If you haven't already contributed, please consider a donation to help us raise the remaining $154,955 by December 16th.

Our vision is a single unified region, stretching from California to British Columbia, that is aligned in accounting for the cost of carbon in our economy, accelerating the clean energy economy, and breathing new life into climate action. This is our moment to turn the enormous opposition to fossil fuels in our backyard into an opportunity to build a thriving sustainable region that supports healthy communities for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. Regional leadership here in the Northwest will have global impacts by:

  • Putting in place the most ambitious and aligned set of climate and clean energy solutions in the nation, running from California to British Columbia.
  • Demonstrating the pathways to a low carbon economy, by developing and promoting solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Powering past fossil fuels, by preventing the industry from building infrastructure to extract and transport coal and oil.

Success in these endeavors will require partnerships and a unity of diverse voices like we’ve never seen before – from labor unions, business allies, communities of color, faith organizations, health advocates, public officials, the environmental community, and many more. Together, we have the strength to lead here at home and drive momentum across the nation and globe.

Our work is only possible because of climate champions like you. Thank you for supporting Climate Solutions and for considering supporting our $250,000 “Month of Climate Champions” fundraising drive.

We would also like to thank the following climate champions who made our 7th Annual Dinner a success:

  • Danny Kennedy, keynote speaker - a true leader in clean energy innovation; click to view some of his remarks.
  • Jackie Yerby – an inspired community and faith leader who continues to challenge us all to act from our heart;
  • Our sponsors, table hosts, table captains, public officials, foundations, donors, guests and volunteers in the room to making events like our dinner possible.

We can, we must, and we will continue to accelerate solutions and make our corner of the world and our regional leadership have a global impact. Thank you for championing the cause with us, and for helping us fuel the climate movement.

Thank you for being a climate champion!

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Author Bio

Gregg Small is Climate Solutions' Executive Director. Kristen Sheeran is our Oregon Director. 

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