• Gears

    photo by Sonny Abesamis

    Washington State's Utilities and Transportation Commission rarely makes headlines, but it plays a critical role in assessing the growing cost of investments in fossil fuels and its impact on consumers.  Read more
  • Joint Session of WA Legislation


    The Washington State Legislature is talking about climate: specifically about putting a price on carbon pollution. Can we move from talk to action? Can we win climate and clean energy solutions that are fair, practical and effective? We think that... Read more
  • Solar panels
    Falling costs and increasing deployment of solar energy are making a clean electricity grid more of a reality, which is good for both decreasing carbon emissions in buildings and from industry, but also in transport as more vehicles shift from... Read more
  • ODOT Solar Highway Installation


    Costs are down, installations are up, and solar is now a competitive source of electricity. If history is a guide, we can look forward to solar power costing no more than fossil fuel power—without subsidies—by the end of this decade. Read more
  • Study reviews link between dams and methane; OPEC agrees—in principle—to reduce oil production; owls inspire design of quieter wind rotors; and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.  Read more