Our People, Our Planet, Our Power

For over nine months, Got Green and Puget Sound Sage interviewed 175 people and 30 organizations to determine the collective policy priorities of people of color and economically disadvantaged people in South Seattle/King County. This work culminated in Our People, Our Planet, Our Power, which was released on March 12, 2016. The affordable housing crisis tops the list of community concerns with over one-third of respondents citing the lack of affordable housing as the more important issue impacting their neighborhood.  Efforts to reduce carbon emissions and for creating clean energy jobs received 90% support. A majority of respondents noted that rising food costs due to climate change is a major concern, given that access to healthy, affordable food is already an issue in the communities surveyed.

Our People, Our Planet, Our Power compiles the findings, stories, and recommendations from community leaders and also offers a glossary of Climate Justice terms. Got Green is a people of color-led environmental justice organization in South Seattle working to ensure the benefits of the green economy—green jobs, access to healthy food, green healthy homes, and public transit—reach low-income communities and communities of color. Gotgreenseattle.org

Puget Sound Sage improves the lives of all families by building power for shared prosperity in our regional economy. We combine research, innovative policy and organizing to advance racial equity, stronger democracy, good jobs, affordable housing, accessible transit and a healthy environment. Pugetsoundsage.org

To download the report, click here.