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Climate Solutions is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax id number: 91-1123302. Donor Bill of Rights here. Privacy policy here. Corporate gifts policy here.

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Climate Solutions has pioneered the vision and cultivated political leadership in the Northwest for the proposition that clean energy and broadly shared economic prosperity can go hand-in-hand. Through our programs and campaigns, Climate Solutions builds a powerful constituency for local, regional, and national action on climate and clean energy.

Your tax deductible gift will help ensure that Climate Solutions remains strong as we continue our work to propel the clean energy economy and implement real solutions to climate change in our region. If you have questions about giving to Climate Solutions, please contact our Development Director, Savitha Reddy Pathi, at 206.443.9570 x219. Thank you for fueling solutions and making this important work possible.

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