Climate Solutions 2014 Annual Reception

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 12:30pm
Heritage Room At Capitol Lake Olympia
United States

Please join us to celebrate Climate Solutions at our Annual Reception fundraiser on Thursday, April 24 (5:00pm-8pm).  This event is a great way to reconnect with our community, share our accomplishments, and discuss ways to propel the clean energy economy and implement real solutions to climate change in our region.  We will also present the Sam Garst Award, in memory of Sam Garst, climate and clean energy champion and long-time supporter of Climate Solutions.

Questions?  Contact Teresa Myers, Events Director at [email protected] or (360)352-1763 x30.

Guest Speaker: Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, 34th District

Representative Fitzgibbon has strongly advocated for cleaning up Puget Sound, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting and improving Washington’s land use laws, and expanding access to the electoral process for historically disenfranchised populations like low-income people and youth.

A huge thank you to the following co-hosts:

Linda Andrews, Wendy Brown & George Wilhere, Mayor Stephen Buxbaum, Holly Davies & Adrian Spidle, Beth Doglio & Eddy Cates, Rene Toolson Doran, Senator Karen Fraser, Tim Gates & Yvonne Silver, Clark Gilman, Linda Glasier, Kirk Haffner, Erika Hoffman & Tom Gries, Paul Horton, Paul Knox, Dever Kuni, Blake Lindskog, John MacLean, Teresa Myers,  Miguel Perez-Gibson, Lisa Perle, Lacey Deputy Mayor Cynthia Pratt, Commissioner Sandra Romero, Rhys Roth, Commissioner Karen Valenzuela, Ted Whitesell, Alex Young