headshot of oregon gov kate brown over yellow background and title "going big on climate"
Solutions from the States: Going Big on Climate Action with Gov. Kate Brown
Thursday, December 10, 2020 9:00am - Thursday, December 10, 2020 9:45am
This Event is part of our Climate Leaders Live series.

While it’s clear with 2020 election outcomes that while we will see some progress in the new administration, it will take action at every level to meet our climate goals as a country.  So what lessons can states draw from one another as they look to 2021 and needed action at every level with continued obstruction of sound policy solutions?

Oregon’s efforts to pass climate change legislation have been neither easy nor conventional. Earlier this year, the state made national news after a bloc of Republicans lawmakers literally walked out  to kill  climate policy that was close to passage, yet again resulting in a political impasse that prematurely ended the state’s legislative session, and leaving a myriad of problems unaddressed and democracy upended in the aftermath. Shortly thereafter, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a landmark executive order, directing the state government to take “every option available under existing law to combat the effects of climate change”. Oregon is now on a path to enact nation-leading standards for addressing transportation carbon emissions, capping the release of harmful industrial pollutants, and promoting the continued adoption of electric vehicles, among other climate priorities. 

Unfortunately, Oregon’s divisive and ultimately unproductive 2020 legislative session was not a unique experience across our states. So what does all this mean as we look for climate action closest to home? How do we maintain and accelerate strong climate progress without partisan backlash?   

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This presentation is part of Climate Leaders Live!, an online series from Climate Solutions featuring conversations, policy deep dives, and explorations of how we can build a better clean energy future together. We hear from other organizations, businesses, elected officials, and community leaders in public health, environmental justice and more who are all thinking big and working on different approaches and in different sectors to accelerate our transition to an equitable, just, and 100% clean economy.