Renewable energy

  • by Eileen V. Quigley on January 25, 2011
    Climate Solutions launched the New Energy Cities program in 2009 to galvanize local elected officials to drive adoption of clean energy technologies that will reduce carbon emissions, save money on energy use, and create jobs. We aim to prove the promise of the clean energy economy in small- to medium-sized cities throughout the Northwest. The benefits that we see for communities to embrace the new energy future include: Read more
  • by Hendrik Van Hemert on December 23, 2010
    Energy efficiency, unlike many renewable energy technologies, is cost-effective today. The challenges are institutional not technological or financial and therefore require rethinking our financing structures, our utility models, and the role cities can play in creating the necessary conditions for massive energy efficiency. Read more
  • by Jules K. Bailey on November 3, 2010
    Many cities across the U.S., both large and small, are looking for economic development strategies that include home upgrades and clean energy. Jackson is proving that small towns, where the bottom line matters above all else, can innovate. Read more
  • by Patrick Mazza on November 9, 2007
    While growing biofuels feedstocks on farms is becoming a commonplace, actually making biofuels on the farm is fairly rare.  Two Pacific Northwest efforts to develop advanced technologies for farm-scale production illustrate significant potential to produce fuels from local feedstocks for local use.     Read more