Grassroots action

  • by Beth Doglio on August 25, 2014
    Lummi artist Jewell James has carved a new totem pole as an act of protest against coal and oil export in the Northwest. You can take part in the pole's journey from the Lummi's coastal homeland to the tar sands of Alberta. Read more
  • by Seth Zuckerman on July 21, 2014
    Carbon pollution is once again free Down Under, Minnesota cuts coal use by more than a third, boreal fires in Canada add fuel to climate change, Appalachia looks to a future beyond coal, and more. Read more
  • by Jonathan Lawson on July 13, 2014
    Threats to an open Internet are threats to climate progress. Take action now to protect net neutrality! Read more
  • by Seth Zuckerman on June 2, 2014
    Europe backs away from food-based biofuels, Google unveils self-driving cars, the race between a biker and Car2Go, and many more tales of climate and clean energy Read more
  • by KC Golden on May 12, 2014
    Divestment is more than a tactic in the climate battle. In a broad sense, it’s the whole game. Because, by itself, the fossil fuel industry does not have enough money or power to stop climate solutions. It only wins by continuously taking our money, and our power, and using them against us. Read more
  • by Martha Kongsgaard on May 8, 2014
    “I don’t believe in magic,” Billy once said. “I believe in the sun and the stars, the water, the tides, the floods, the owls, the hawks flying, the river running, the wind talking. They’re measurements. They tell us how healthy things are.  How healthy we are. Because we and they are the same. That’s what I believe in. Those who learn to listen to the world that sustains them can hear the message brought forth by the salmon.”    Read more
  • by Joëlle Robinson on April 9, 2014
    Recently, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber stated that "It's time to say NO once and for all to coal exports."  We couldn't agree more!  Take a minute to share this image on Facebook and post it to the Governor’s page. Read more
  • by Ann Gravatt on March 13, 2014
    This is the week of sleepy (read: grumpy) kids in my house, due to the return of daylight savings time. But even a household disrupted doesn’t squelch my love of the lost hour. It’s the signal of longer, warmer – sunnier! -- days to come, the most hopeful time of the year for me.  A time to look forward.  We’re doing a lot of that around Climate Solutions these days. Read more
  • by Gregg Small on January 29, 2014
    On one hand, the science news about our climate crisis is relentlessly sobering. It’s late, and we have so far to go. On the other hand, the momentum for solutions is building, and our climate movement is growing strong.   Read more
  • by Eileen V. Quigley on September 11, 2013
    It’s happening in our urban and rural forests, in and around our buildings and streets, on our farmland, and in the seagrass meadows, salt marshes and mangroves along our coasts. Done right, it just might stem the tide of runaway climate change. Read more