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Rhys Roth co-founded Climate Solutions in 1998, and left the organization in July 2013 to create the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure.

To connect with the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, contact Rhys Roth at or 360-867-6906.

  • New Center Aims for Infrastructure Paradigm Shift

    The US needs to invest trillions just to keep our nation’s basic infrastructure--energy, transportation, water, and waste systems--in working order. Will we lock in inefficient, carbon-polluting systems for decades to come? Or will we invest in innovative programs better adapted to a world with too much carbon?

  • Linda Dobson

    Fast-talking innovators show the way to our biocarbon future

    One of the special highlights at the Northwest Biocarbon Summit–for me and many others–was a remarkable series of “Speed Talks” by real-world Northwest practitioners who brought to life the full portfolio of biocarbon solutions.

  • earth

    The 400 ppm threshold

    The only way back to Target 350 is to stop putting so much carbon pollution in the air and at the same time to remove a lot of the accumulated carbon from the air.

  • coastal wetland

    Blue carbon goes big Down Under

    Australia is launching one of the most ambitious ‘blue carbon’ mapping projects ever.  ‘Blue carbon’ is the capture and storage of carbon pollution from the atmosphere in ocean plants and sediments on the seabed.

  • Dr. Nalini Nadkarni

    Meet the "Queen of the Forest Canopy"

    Dr. Nadkarni is a forest ecologist, sometimes known as “Queen of the Forest Canopy” for her pioneering work in understanding the ecological dynamics up in the treetops. She is also incredibly creative and committed to fostering public understanding of science and nature.

  • Local soil

    Are you a “locavore”?  Do you like eating high-quality foods produced from not too far away, by farmers with real faces and families?

  • Ecoroof

    The business case for greening our cities

    We know ‘green infrastructure’ can provide low-cost solutions for communities to better handle those big pulses of water gushing over roads and into pipes when the big rains come… and we know greening our cities is good for biocarbon and for the human spirit. 

  • sea otter

    Little known fact: sea otters are biocarbon Ninjas!

    On a marine wildlife cruise in Alaska recently I got to touch a sea otter pelt–it was so luxuriously soft my knees almost buckled with pleasure. A new study found that these critters are not only super-cuddly, they also play an outsized role in sucking up carbon from the atmosphere and storing it safely away in the sea.

  • NBI Innovation Partner logo

    Reality TV may be unreal, but these innovators tackle a bigger problem with bona fide zeal

    Climate change can sometimes seem like the proliferation of bizarre ‘reality TV’, a problem so huge and entrenched only those with a Quixote complex would be crazy enough to tackle it.