Keystone XL rejected: the tide is turning



Release Date
November 6, 2015

This morning, President Obama announced his administration's rejection of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The decision came after a seven-year State Department review, during which time a mass movement emerged linking the pipeline project to climate change.

Climate Solutions Senior Policy Advisor KC Golden comments:

The tide is turning. In 2007, Candidate Obama said “Let’s be the generation that finally frees America from the tyranny of oil.” Today, President Obama – emboldened by five years of non-stop people power – stood up to that tyranny.

In rejecting the KXL permit, the President affirmed our power to wage and win the battle for our best and only viable future, a clean energy future. New fossil fuel infrastructure investments like Keystone XL would forsake that future, locking us in to climate chaos. And with the clean energy revolution gaining steam, these investments are as unnecessary as they are unconscionable.

We can produce sustainable prosperity and share its fruits much more equitably than Big Oil does. We can make a just transition to clean energy and free our economy and our politics from the grip of big oil’s power. We don’t have another dollar or minute to waste on projects like Keystone XL that take us backward.

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