Oregon legislators release Clean Energy Jobs bill

Release Date
January 9, 2018

Yesterday, Oregon state officials released the language for the Clean Energy Jobs bill, LCs 44 and 176, which puts a limit and price on climate pollution and reinvests the proceeds into our communities. 

Meredith Connolly, Oregon Director, Climate Solutions: “The 2018 legislative session is an historic opportunity to establish Oregon’s legacy as a clean energy leader. The Clean Energy Jobs bill limits our rising climate pollution and accelerates Oregon’s transition to 100% clean energy. It was developed with extensive input, and is tailored to strengthen Oregon’s economy and protect rural and urban communities across Oregon. After the string of climate emergencies that hit our state last year, Oregon can’t afford to wait another year to tackle the climate crisis.”

David Van’t Hof, Senior Policy Advisor for Sustainability to former Governor Kulongoski (2003-2009): “Putting a price on climate pollution has been in development in Oregon for well over a decade. Beginning in 2007, Oregon developed the framework for a climate pollution program in partnership with several states and Canadian provinces. Many of the partners that have moved forward with carbon pricing programs are proving that pricing pollution supports a strong economy. It is well past time for Oregon to join them. Passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill this year is necessary for getting a program ready to start in 2021.”