Powerful Partnerships

Climate Solutions aligns with other groups and networks to build powerful coalitions and partnerships, working to bridge divides to build a powerful, broad and lasting movement to cut pollution and create a just and equitable clean energy economy. These power partnerships increase the region's strategic leadership, policy advocacy, bold communications, and organizing for positive change.  

We are proud to be a member of several diverse coalitions, including:

Renew Oregon is a growing coalition of businesses, nonprofits, community organizations, and individual Oregonians working together to make Oregon a leader in the fight against climate change to promote a cleaner, more prosperous state.


Renew Oregon logo

The Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is a coalition of environmental advocates, labor unions, health professionals, businesses, faith communities, and communities of color, working with tribal nations–plus thousands of volunteers from across Washington State–committed to building a resilient climate justice movement.  


WA Climate Alliance logo

Climate Solutions has also been a central organization for several coalitions to stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest, including Power Past Coal to stop coal exports off the West Coast, and the Stand Up to Oil coalition working to stop the more oil transport terminals in our communities. 



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