Climate Solutions builds a powerful constituency for local, regional and national action on climate and clean energy. We take our mission statement to heart and work to bridge divides to further propel action to stop the climate crisis.   

Diverse coalitions for climate action

Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy | Renew Oregon

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Our region, spanning from California to British Columbia, stands as the world’s fifth largest economy. When done effectively, accounting for the prices of carbon pollution in our economy creates broadly shared prosperity, accelerates clean energy and establishes working, replicable models of solutions.

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Climate Solutions and key partners are part of a multi-year coalition campaign for major climate progress along the West Coast. We are proud to be a member of two diverse state-level networks bringing together leaders from business, labor, communities of color, faith, environmental, health and other constituencies. These powerful coalitions, Renew Oregon and the Washington-based Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, are part of building the movement necessary to address climate change and accelerate clean energy.