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    The early results are in: electric vehicles (EVs) are selling faster than the Toyota Prius hybrid did when it was first introduced to the market, and this is particularly true in the Northwest. Read more
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    The oceans do us a huge favor: almost one-third of the carbon dioxide we produce doesn’t stay in the atmosphere, but ends up in the ocean. Given the problems with global warming, you’d think that the less CO2 in the air, the better. In general, that... Read more
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    As the 2013 Affordable Comfort Inc. National Home Performance Conference kicks off in Denver, CO, it is clear that U.S. communities are far from empty-handed when crafting energy efficiency retrofit programs. Spurred in part by the Recovery Act, an... Read more
  • To say that transportation is a headache for city leaders, businesses, residents, and employees in Hillsboro, OR would be an understatement. These challenges are partly the result of good economic fortune: Hillsboro has grown from a sleepy town to... Read more
  • On February 15, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources’ Green Communities Division announced the first six grantees of the Community Energy Strategies Pilot Program, a $500,000 state program to... Read more