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    There's no telling what'll happen when world leaders meet in Paris next year for the 21st annual U.N. Climate Conference. But based on what went down in Manhattan last week, the time for global action on climate change is here. Read more
  • Oregon wildfire
    Three hours north of San Francisco, the haze thickens to soupy smoke. Through the closed car windows, the smell is unmistakable. It smells like global warming. Read more
  • KC Climate Summit - not cropped
    It's worth celebrating that county and city leaders in the Northwest are up to the task of climate leadership. Read more
  • EV Charging Station
    When smart policy meets public demand, EV programs can help cities drive quietly into a low-carbon future. Read more
  • Forms Unfolding
    Seven high school sophomores create a mural to depict what they learned after job-shadowing agents of change in the Seattle community as part of their school curriculum. Endrias Kinfe, who shadowed Climate Solutions' Eileen V. Quigley, explains what... Read more