Risky Business summary: The Economic Risks of Climate Change in Oregon & the Northwest

The Risky Business Report focuses on climate risks specific to multiple business sectors. It provides actionable data at a granular level for decision-makers. This one-sheet document summarizes the report's key findings.

While many risks are quantified in this first Risky Business Report, such as impacts on coastal infrastructure and the effects of extreme heat, it is important to note that the Risky Business Project report is not economy-wide, and therefore did not quantify some important economic impacts, including potential increases in forest fire risk, decreases in western snowpack and water availability, and the subsequent risks to hydropower availability, tourism and reduction or loss of Oregon’s iconic salmon. Nevertheless, we have enough information to move onto a different path, create economic opportunities and avoid many of the worst impacts of climate change.

Publication Date
Thursday, October 23, 2014
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