• coosbayfirehouse.jpg
    A quiet milestone has been reached in the evolution of solar and other clean energy solutions brewing along Oregon's South Coast, one built on concerted community effort in hand with public, private and nonprofit collaboration. Read more
  • Postcards!
    Over several weeks this past fall we received a flurry of very encouraging notes in the mail directed at our Solutions Stories.   Read more
  • Renewable Northwest staff
    Through a community-wide investment in wind power, a rural county in Oregon is earning millions of dollars to build their economy, cutting carbon and demonstrating that clean energy is both practical and profitable. Read more
  • discovering_renewable_energy7.png
    How can students design and implement real world solutions to discover the power and the possibility of renewable energy as a career? Read more
  • Living Future - Bullitt Center
    A team of partners is developing the greenest commercial building in the world, with market-rate office space that will demonstrate what’s possible and accelerate demand for sustainable design and products.   Read more
  • Reclaiming Waste Energy
    Through public-private partnerships, the City of Bremerton's Public Utilities department was able to quickly upgrade their wastewater facility to run more efficiently and save the City money. Read more
  • Cedar Grove
    How a family-owned composting business transforms the Northwest garbage industry, captures carbon, changes consumer behavior and creates jobs.   "Our program has really significantly impacted this community in developing a great carbon... Read more
  • I want my DHP!
    How the small town of Libby, Montana used energy efficiency to boost their local economy and save money on their electric bills.   Read more
  • Stephanie at Lochmead Dairy
    A multi-generational, family-owned dairy farm, shows that from local distribution of its products to turning methane into power at their new biodigester that they continue being an innovative leader in sustainability for 50 years. Read more
  • driving_evolution_sheida_sahandy.jpg
    With charging stations in Bellevue and all along the West Coast, electric vehicle drivers can now travel the I-5 corridor from Canada to Mexico without needing a drop of gasoline. The city of Bellevue has successfully completed its nine American... Read more