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Hot ways to stay cool: take our buildings all-electric

WA State has an opportunity to ensure the most climate friendly state residential energy codes in the country.


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Make history (again) and keep climate action strong in WA

WA made history by passing the strongest bill in the country to cap carbon pollution statewide. State agencies are starting the implementation process with a comment period on the draft rules ending this Friday July 15th. You can add your voice to influence this groundbreaking climate policy and let the Department of Ecology know what’s important to you.


No time to burn: let's keep the future of gas short in Oregon

Fossil "natural" gas is far from being the safe, clean product that gas and fossil fuel companies claim.


What if all this was pollution-free?

Cracking the code to clean and safe buildings

The past year has been exciting for climate action on clean and safe buildings in Washington. 2022 also presents a unique opportunity to have these benefits apply across the entire state instead of individual jurisdictions: the State Building Code Council can require clean, electric space and water heating for all commercial buildings statewide.


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