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Grid graphic with photos of electric bus, wind turbines, and solar panels with the Climate Solutions 25th anniversary logo

Support brighter tomorrows this #GivingTuesday

Our clean energy future is within reach. But there's serious work ahead, and we cannot do it alone. Are you with us?


Electric school bus

Our kids deserve pollution-free school buses

Washington State needs to pass a bill requiring all school buses in Washington to be zero-emission by 2035, and new bus purchases must be pollution-free by 2027. Other states have done this — so can we!


Oil company profits are to blame for high gas prices

News flash: Fossil fuel companies are taking you for a ride.

While we're feeling the burden of high gas prices, big oil is playing a blame game—trying to make us believe that high prices are caused by our state's groundbreaking climate protections instead of their gratuitously inflated profit margins.


What can we do about climate silence?

There's nowhere in the country where people are talking about climate with others on a regular basis. That needs to change.


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