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Climate Disruption in the Streets of New York

Climate disruption is making history all around us, but it’s not the history we would choose to write. On September 21, we will take back the pen. We’ll make our mark for climate progress.

Our corner of the country is on fire

Nearly unprecedented wildfires are raging across parts of Washington and Oregon, and have devastated the community of Pateros, WA. Here's how you can help.

Power Past Comcast: why climate activists should care about net neutrality

Threats to an open Internet are threats to climate progress. Take action now to protect net neutrality!

Oregonians want freedom from fossil fuels

As we near July 4th, it’s a perfect time to declare our independence from Big Oil!

Welcome to the Climate Fight, USA!

Climate policy question #1 is simple: Will we put responsible limits on the largest sources of climate pollution?

Stand with Governor Kitzhaber on coal export

Recently, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber stated that "It's time to say NO once and for all to coal exports."  We couldn't agree more!  Take a minute to share this image on Facebook and post it to the Governor’s page.

Stop the expansion of coal export in Oregon

Tell Governor Kitzhaber: Coal export is no good for the Columbia River, Northwest communities, or our climate. No coal terminal at the Port of Morrow!

Protect Washington wetlands from big coal

Northwest communities have made incredible progress halting proposed coal export terminals here in our region, preserving an environment in which our communities can thrive. We need to keep the pressure on to halt more proposed coal terminals, and now we have a new pressure point.

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Oil trains in WA? The price is too darn high

In the last week of October, Washington residents have a rare opportunity to raise our concerns about oil train safety and the prospect of even more unsafe oil trains rolling through our cities and towns. Attend a hearing in Spokane or Olympia and say no to big oil!

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