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100% for climate: join us in Olympia Jan 22

We’re making plans now to head to Olympia on January 22, and make sure that Washington State leads on climate and clean energy.

100% clean energy is where we’re headed. Tell Transalta no!

Fossil fuel gas is not really a "bridge fuel" that takes us where we need to go.

The WA state budget isn't for funding new fossil fuel projects

Tell the Governor now: Investing in new fossil gas is a recipe for climate disaster and runs counter to a vision of a 100% clean future that Washington can achieve. [UPDATE: Governor Inslee vetoed this measure. Thanks everyone!]

Help Portland and Multnomah County commit to 100% clean energy

Let's do this! City and County votes are scheduled for June 1 on a visionary energy goal that will help Portland lead the way towards a safe and healthy future.

The simple ingredients in SeQuential's biofuels, made right in Oregon

Your help is needed to protect Clean Fuels in Oregon

Fossil fuel companies are stepping up their attacks on one of Oregon’s most successful strategies to reduce climate pollution: the Clean Fuels Program. Help us stop them!

Earth Day to May Day - a week of climate action!

In Washington and Oregon, we're ready for a week of climate action, from Earth Day to May Day! Check out this list of events and we'll see you there.

Time for solutions! Washington must act on climate

Right now, Washington State climate advocates have a timely opportunity to support clean energy bills during the legislative session.

Biglow Canyon Wind Farm

Keeping the Frack Out: Clean Energy for Oregon

Building new gas-fired power plants will lock Oregon into decades of climate-disrupting fossil fuel energy at a moment when clean energy sources like wind and solar are more affordable than ever.  We're saying no.

Let's show up for clean energy!

The Clean Energy Transition Act gets a hearing at the Washington State Legislature on March 14. Let's fill the room and show our support!

We marched with intention, focus and power. What's next?

After the Women's march on cities across America, here are four next steps forward.

We all agree: it's time for climate action in Washington

A coalition of more than 25 organizations sent a message to Washington state legislators calling for strong climate action, in the form of three key solutions: (1) supporting a path to 100% carbon-free electricity, (2) putting a price on carbon pollution, and (3) advancing clean fuels for transportation.

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