Take Action

On climate, Washington (our Washington) needs to lead

There's no time like the present to demand a better future. Washington folks: please contact your state legislators and tell them we need their leadership on clean energy and clean transportation now!  

We're one step closer to stopping big coal

This month we're standing up to big coal, and saying NO to coal export in Longview, WA.

Yes: We can stop the largest coal export project in America

We have until June 13 to weigh in on the proposed coal export terminal in Longview, WA.  

Another coal project bites the dust! Here’s what’s next

Arch Coal has found itself up Otter Creek without a paddle. They're in trouble. But they're still pushing a huge coal export proposal in Longview, WA—and we still must fight to stop them.  

Solar installation near Oregon capitol

Bipartisan House Votes to Make Oregon Coal Free

Oregon is one big step closer to a coal free, clean energy future.

With your help, a Coal-free Oregon is possible

This month—with your help—the Oregon Legislature can decide to completely phase out coal, and to double the amount of renewable energy in our state’s power grid.

First out of the gate: Oregon poised for climate action

Oregon’s Legislature may be headed into a short session next week, but the agenda for climate and clean energy is nothing short of completely impressive. Only two months after the historic Paris Agreement on climate change, Oregon is poised to be the first state out of the gate to heed the call to action.

Hey coal terminal: send not for whom the bell tolls

Arch Coal's bankruptcy filing sends a huge signal that coal export is a bad business, and has no place in the Washington economy. Let's make sure our state leaders get the message.

North America's largest crude-oil terminal doesn't belong here.

We need your help to stop the largest proposed crude oil-by-rail terminal in North America! Tesoro wants to ship 360,000 barrels of volatile crude oil per day by train through our region and down the Columbia River.

Take action: No Senate deal with Big Oil

Is the US Senate really preparing to eliminate the ban on crude oil export – threatening our communities and setting back our fight against climate change? And are they really doing so on the same week as the Paris climate conference?