Take Action

Time for solutions! Washington must act on climate

Right now, Washington State climate advocates have a timely opportunity to support clean energy bills during the legislative session.

Biglow Canyon Wind Farm

Keeping the Frack Out: Clean Energy for Oregon

Building new gas-fired power plants will lock Oregon into decades of climate-disrupting fossil fuel energy at a moment when clean energy sources like wind and solar are more affordable than ever.  We're saying no.

Let's show up for clean energy!

The Clean Energy Transition Act gets a hearing at the Washington State Legislature on March 14. Let's fill the room and show our support!

We marched with intention, focus and power. What's next?

After the Women's march on cities across America, here are four next steps forward.

On climate, Washington (our Washington) needs to lead

There's no time like the present to demand a better future. Washington folks: please contact your state legislators and tell them we need their leadership on clean energy and clean transportation now!  

We're one step closer to stopping big coal

This month we're standing up to big coal, and saying NO to coal export in Longview, WA.

Yes: We can stop the largest coal export project in America

We have until June 13 to weigh in on the proposed coal export terminal in Longview, WA.  

Another coal project bites the dust! Here’s what’s next

Arch Coal has found itself up Otter Creek without a paddle. They're in trouble. But they're still pushing a huge coal export proposal in Longview, WA—and we still must fight to stop them.  

Solar installation near Oregon capitol

Bipartisan House Votes to Make Oregon Coal Free

Oregon is one big step closer to a coal free, clean energy future.

With your help, a Coal-free Oregon is possible

This month—with your help—the Oregon Legislature can decide to completely phase out coal, and to double the amount of renewable energy in our state’s power grid.