Clean Energy Investment

The Bright Future Clean Energy Economy track follows trends in the clean energy investment needed to replace fossil investment to finance the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Record Investment in Clean Energy—New investment in clean energy projects globally reached a record $329 billion in 2015, an almost 60% increase over 2009 and a clear indication of the momentum towards a low-carbon future.

Surging Advanced Energy Revenue—Third annual Advanced Energy Economy Market Report finds that the US advanced energy market, at $200 billion, comprises 15% of the global market and grew 14% from 2013 to 2014, five times greater than the overall US economy.

Green Bonds Flourishing—Green Bonds were quite the hit in 2015’s debt capital markets, totaling a record issuance of $59 billion, triple their 2013 value.

Investing in a Time of Climate Change—In light of the growing economic risks climate change poses, investors are increasingly interested in understanding the opportunities and threats climate change poses to the financial performance of the portfolios they manage.

Foreign Climate Action, a Domestic Windfall—Report finds that global action on climate change has already brought $200 billion worth of benefits to the U.S. and the country stands to gain up to $10 trillion by 2050 if other countries act on climate change.

The Price of Climate Change for Investors—The world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock Investment Institute, issued an in-depth study on how climate change is impacting the investment world, concluding that climate change risk is a significant investment challenge.

Ceres Clean Trillion—The “Clean Trillion” investment campaign is a clarion call to raise at least $1 trillion by 2030, which would be approximately a three-fold jump in investment levels of 2015, which stood at $329b.