“Climate Solutions is shining a light on a better way forward: a clean energy future with broadly-shared prosperity, free from the ravages of fossil fuel dependence. And the brighter they shine that light, the closer it gets.” Van Jones, Co-Founder, Rebuild the Dream

Our climate solution is simple:

  • believe in what’s possible
  • stop what doesn’t work
  • champion and expand what does work

Our vision: a thriving, equitable Northwest, powered by clean energy, inspiring the transition to sustainable prosperity across the nation and beyond.

Our mission: accelerating clean energy solutions to the climate crisis.

As a Northwest-based clean energy economy nonprofit, Climate Solutions works to:

  • champion transformational policies and market-based innovations;
  • catalyze powerful partnerships and a diverse movement for action and accountability; and
  • communicate a bold vision for solutions at the scale required by climate science.

Where we focus:

To address the global climate crisis, we need action and investments at every level of government, throughout the private sector, and in our communities. The broader West Coast region, spanning from California to British Columbia, stands as the world’s fifth largest economy and innovations here can make a significant difference around the globe. Climate Solutions focuses its work in the Pacific Northwest – a region well positioned to make globally significant progress toward 100% clean energy.

We know progress is possible toward solutions like 100% clean electricity, cleaner fuels and electrification to power our transportation, and clean and energy-smart buildings where we work and live--sectors of our economy that are by far the largest sources of global warming pollution.

We believe that the policies and programs we put in place in the Pacific Northwest can be models for innovation and movement-building to have impact beyond Washington and Oregon. Climate Solutions is connected to partners across the nation to share information and make sure that the impact of our actions here in Washington and Oregon are felt far beyond our borders.

How we do this:

To drive public policy change faster and to foster more private innovation, we primarily work to pass and implement policies at the state level and in major jurisdictions using the tools of advocacy, research, communications and organizing outreach. Climate Solutions’ approach is grounded in our understanding of the deep challenge that we are taking on, and the complex set of solutions required at the policy, strategy, and coalition levels.

Climate Solutions primarily works in the state legislatures, with the utility commissions and regulatory agencies, at times directly with voters on initiatives, and also with major counties and cities to drive down pollution and increase the uptake of needed solutions.

Climate Solutions does our work in partnership with an increasingly diverse and broad group of allies including many communities of color and labor unions, businesses, environmental, and public health organizations. We do our work with an ever-deepening commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, resulting in solutions that invest in the communities most impacted by climate change. We know that our work is strengthened through partnerships based on mutual trust and shared leadership. Climate Solutions works to build truly deep, diverse partnerships and collaborate authentically with communities that have been, are, or will be most affected by climate change and the transition to clean energy.

While Climate Solutions devotes much of our resources to advocating for policy reforms designed to drive change, we are also working to build and share increased awareness and engagement to broaden the movement calling for climate action.


Read about our values and our commitments to equity and racial justice.

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