Excerpted from Climate Solutions' Strategic Plan, 2017-2020:

Equitable, Just Transition 

For Climate Solutions to pursue an equitable, just clean energy transition effectively, we must partner with and hold ourselves accountable to communities of color, to others historically marginalized, to those hit hardest by climate impacts, and to communities most adversely affected by the transition to a clean energy economy. We will engage authentically with leaders of these communities, who are in the best position to understand and develop solutions that won’t leave their communities behind, to develop shared clean energy solutions in ways that meet the goals of these communities. 

Climate Solutions’ role is to collaborate authentically with communities that have been, are, or will be most affected by climate change and the transition to clean energy. We will build accountability-based relationships with communities of color and other historically marginalized groups. In partnership with those communities, we will work to design and advance policies that reduce emissions and accelerate the clean energy transition in ways that create opportunities and foster equity. 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

Climate Solutions has much to learn about how to effectively address race, gender, and social justice within our organization; we are committed to this learning and to growing as an organization. As part of this growth, we will work to shift our work from transactional towards equity-centered relational values. We will also focus on reflection and relationship-building among staff and between staff and Board.