100% Clean

The Pacific Northwest Is the First US Region Committed to 100% Clean Energy

  • We are transitioning our electrical grid to 100% clean and efficient energy. 
  • We can leverage our clean energy grid to electrify as many uses for the built environment, industry, and transportation as we can. 
  • We can do it in a way that benefits all communities, the workers reliant on the current fossil fuel economy, and improves our public health and economy.

We can have a thriving, equitable Northwest, powered by clean energy. We can inspire the transition to sustainable prosperity across the nation and beyond.

The Pacific Northwest is among the best-prepared regions to spearhead the transition to 100% clean energy. Oregon and Washington’s bountiful natural resources, historic clean energy achievements, technology leadership, and emphasis on sustainable prosperity make our region a natural leader in the transition to a clean energy future.

In April 2019, Washington State took a major step to fulfill this promise, enacting one of the strongest 100% clean energy policies in the country, with utilities having to transition off coal power by 2025 and offer 100% clean and carbon-free electricity by 2045. Oregon followed suit in 2021, matching the nation's strongest statewide timeline for adopting 100% fossil-free electricity by 2040.

The fossil fuel industry’s resistance to innovation and progress toward a clean energy future means that we still need a broad and committed movement for cleaner forms of energy and transportation. A window of opportunity remains to accelerate clean energy solutions to the climate crisis.

There are many with us. The 100% clean movement is on all over the world – a powerful, popular vision that demands clean and efficient energy. Communities, regions, and countries across the world are making the shift and forging ahead to create a better future for all of us. For example:

  • In June 2017 the City of Portland and Multnomah County, OR became the first communities in the Northwest to commit to a 100% clean energy transition.
  • 39 cities and counties and 67 mayors from across the United States have made a commitment to 100% clean through the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 Campaign.
  • 95 major companies have made a commitment to go “100% renewable.” including Apple, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Nestle, eBay, Facebook, Google, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, Nike, and Starbucks.

What to do now?

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  2. Spread the word: Talk this up in your friends and community! Print and share this one-page summary. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook, then share on other networks.
  3. Call for change: When you pay your next electricity bill, ask your utility to commit to 100% clean energy!

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