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Oregon’s stunning natural beauty and history of clean energy innovation position it as a natural climate leader that can inspire action in the Northwest and beyond. However, in recent years Oregon's progress on climate action has stagnated while a growing list of states and territories have adopted carbon pricing policies, enacted more robust low-carbon fuel standards, and committed to a timeline for transitioning to 100% clean electricity.

Climate Solutions is working in Oregon to:  

  • Promote100% clean energyWith support from Climate Solutions and other partners, Multnomah County and the City of Portland made groundbreaking commitments to 100 percent clean and renewable energy. We are helping them develop implementation plans to achieve these goals, and working with other cities and counties in Oregon to develop a groundswell of support for a 100% clean energy future.
  • Accelerate clean transportation: The transportation sector is Oregon's largest source of climate pollution, and accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is a key way to clean it up. We are working with local governments, transit districts, and utility providers to build more charging stations, promote financial incentives for individual and fleet EV purchases, and encourage transit agencies to buy clean electric buses, rather than continuing to rely on dirty diesel, CNG, or other fossil fuels.
  • Advocate for energy-efficient buildings: Heating and powering our homes and businesses generates a substantial amountof our climate-changing pollution. We are working with partners to help Oregon move toward constructing homes and buildings that produce as much energy as they use - net zero energy buildingsIf all new homes and buildings were energy efficient, we would significantly reduce our climate pollution, drastically cut energy costs for owners and renters, and improve air quality where we live and work.
  • Stop new investments in coal, oil, and fracked gas:The fossil fuel industry wants to keep us hooked on dangerous energy sources and use our state to expand their profits. With our urging, Oregon has already taken several momentous steps by stopping Portland General Electric from building a new fracked gas plant and ending Oregon's dependence on coal-fired power. We will continue sending a clear message that expanding fossil fuel infrastructure is not welcome in Oregon.   

Read on for the latest updates on Climate Solutions' work in Oregon:


Oregon State Government

Hand drawn sign reads Vote Like Your Country Depends On It
It's time to VOTE, Oregon!

by Jonathan Gates on October 26, 2020

Open up your ballot, learn more about the measures we've endorsed, and make a plan to submit your completed ballot before November 3rd.

Climate Voter
Take the Climate Voter Pledge!

by Jonathan Gates on October 11, 2020

One of the strongest ways to address the climate crisis head-on is with your vote.

Vote Scrabble tiles
For Fair and Honest Elections, vote YES on Measure 107

by Meredith Connolly on October 9, 2020

Oregon’s lack of effective campaign finance limits allows corporations to buy massive influence while casting a dark shadow on state and local…

Portland crosswalk and traffic
Better transit, safer streets, cleaner air for Portland: Vote YES on Measure 26-218

by Meredith Connolly and Victoria Paykar and Sara Wright on October 9, 2020

Climate Solutions and Oregon Environmental Council proudly endorse Let’s Get Moving 2020. Don’t miss your chance to vote YES on Measure 26-218 at the…

Photo of air pollution from smoke stack
Cap-and-reduce: Will DEQ step up to the plate?

by Zach Baker on September 25, 2020

One major component of the

Rogue valley relief fund logo
Support our fire-impacted neighbors in Southern Oregon

by Jonathan Gates on September 14, 2020

Thousands of people in the Rogue Valley have been displaced by wildfires and hundreds of homes, businesses, and community spaces have been destroyed…

Photo of smoky sky
It doesn't have to feel like Life on Mars

by Gregg Small on September 10, 2020

Our climate movement is more unified than ever, but we're reaching a critical point where we must change a lot of things all at once. Let's do this…

3 ways to cope with the smoke

by Jonathan Gates on September 9, 2020

If you live west of the Cascades in the Pacific Northwest, you likely woke up yesterday to an awful late-summer surprise (if you weren't under…

Red skies above smoke stacks and pollution, indicative of the hellscape fortold from runaway climate change
Cap-and-reduce: What’s at stake as DEQ kicks off program design

by Zach Baker on September 1, 2020

One major component of the

Electric Fedex mail truck sits parked
Clean Trucks for Justice

by Victoria Paykar on August 7, 2020

Our state needs to prioritize cleaning up the delivery trucks, transit and school buses, big rigs, and other commercial vehicles that make up the…

Two workers installing a solar panel on a roof
Stop Cuts to Oregon’s Rooftop Solar Rebate Program

by Jonathan Gates on July 28, 2020

Oregon legislators have proposed cutting the state’s only support for many rural and low-income communities to access solar and energy storage for…

Bike and streetcar in Portland
Portland Metro voters will get chance to say YES to safe, clean and efficient transportation

by Victoria Paykar on July 7, 2020

The Portland metro region needs safe, efficient, and affordable transportation options. Let’s Get Moving 2020 will help make these improvements…

Sunrise at Pilot Rock, Oregon
Oregon’s Climate Action Plan crosses first milestone

by Zach Baker on June 24, 2020

Last month, twelve state agencies delivered their plans to carry out the Governor’s Executive Order on climate. Here's what we know so far.

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3 ways you can support COVID-19 economic justice today (Oregon edition)

by Jonathan Gates on May 16, 2020

Many of the workers most essential in our communities and society, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, are also am

Oregon Capitol in springtime
Oregon fills leadership gap on parallel COVID, climate crises

by Meredith Connolly on April 24, 2020

Global warming has not paused to respect social distancing during these ‘corona times.’ However, in early March, Oregon Governor Kate Brown delivered…


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3 ways to cope with the smoke

If you live west of the Cascades in the Pacific Northwest, you likely woke up yesterday to an awful late-summer surprise (if you weren't under wildfire threat already): a blanket of unhealthy wildfire smoke.
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