Oregon State government

The way forward in today’s political landscape will have to be about taking bold action at the state and local levels. The progress we make in Oregon can accelerate our leadership as a hub of clean energy innovation and can inspire climate action beyond Oregon and the Northwest.

With many climate leaders at the state and local level, Oregon can make significant gains in the coming years to reduce climate pollution while creating local jobs, improving air quality, and increasing the use of renewable energy. Climate Solutions advocates for Oregon to move toward a 100% clean energy economy, including a rapid shift to electric cars, trucks, and buses.

Our 2017 priorities include: 

  • Clean Energy Jobs bill: Our highest legislative priority, the Clean Energy Jobs bill would be a major step toward transitioning Oregon from polluting fossil fuels to clean energy. The bill limits and puts a price on carbon pollution, uses the proceeds to invest in clean energy solutions, and supports the communities most affected by climate change.
  • A transportation package that creates safe, affordable, healthy solutions for urban and rural families: Our priorities are for investments in public transit, greater adoption of clean electric cars and buses, smart planning to reduce climate pollution, safe routes to schools, and safe and connected pedestrian and bike networks.
  • Energy efficient buildings, which save residents and businesses money, improve air quality, and reduce climate pollution:  We are advocating for new buildings to use net zero energy in the next 15 years, which means that the buildings would produce as much energy as they consume.
  • Stopping new, long-term investments in coal, oil, and gas infrastructure that lock us into continued dependence on dirty fossil fuels instead of clean, renewable energy, including any expansion to PGE’s gas plant at Boardman. We need to stop making it worse so we’re not locked into dangerous, climate-polluting investments for decades.