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Time to tell Congress: no climate action, no deal

This really may be our best and last chance to pass the climate investments we need at the federal level. Act now!

no climate action, no deal

Tell Congress: no climate action, no deal on infrastructure

The American Jobs Act could provide the biggest-ever US investment in clean energy and equitable climate progress. But the fossil fuel industry is lobbying hard to make sure that doesn't happen. Let's stand up now for climate action!

Photo of Multnomah County Main Library

We did it! 100% clean and fossil-free Multnomah county buildings

Multnomah County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution ensuring all new county-owned buildings—including libraries, courthouses, and community centers—are built to be fossil-free and utilize 100% clean and renewable energy.

We're making history. Let's not stop.

Climate action in Olympia: we've made progress, but we still need to close the deal on clean fuels.

gas fire on street

Suddenly the street itself was on fire

Tell our Washington legislators it's time we moved past fossil gas.

air pollution from gas power plant

A climate protection plan that exempts gas power plants(?!)

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has proposed exempting the state's fossil gas power plants from their Climate Protection Program. This cannot stand.

chimney smog pollution

Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission chooses industry over communities to develop air pollution regulations

The EQC has decided to stack the cap-and-reduce rulemaking advisory committee with fossil fuel and big business interests.

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Urge Multnomah County to build 100% clean energy-powered libraries

Multnomah County voters recently approved $387 million in library construction bonds. Let's ensure this new building is 100% clean and fossil free.

Photo of air pollution from smoke stack

Cap-and-reduce: Will DEQ step up to the plate?

By no longer allowing industries to spew unlimited amounts of pollution into our air, DEQ's new cap-and-reduce policy can help transition Oregon to cleaner ways of powering our economy and communities.

Rogue valley relief fund logo

Support our fire-impacted neighbors in Southern Oregon

Thousands of people in the Rogue Valley have been displaced by wildfires and hundreds of homes, businesses, and community spaces have been destroyed, including the headquarters of our grassroots partner Rogue Climate.