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Ten reasons Oregon needs clean fuels

At a public hearing this week, Jana Gastellum (Oregon Environmental Council) gave Oregon state legislators a concise list of good reasons to sustain Oregon's Clean Fuels Program.
  1. At today's hearing, we heard from PacificAg, SeQuential and Pacific Ethanol about the benefits of clean fuels to rural Oregon. You, Legislators, can say: "I voted for clean fuels to create jobs and support rural enterprise."
  2. We heard from the American Lung Association, You can say: "I voted for this bill to protect kids' and vulnerable populations from harmful air pollution--both now and into the future..."
  3. "I voted for this bill because numerous businesses told me they want to invest in Oregon, and I wanted to send a strong signal that Oregon is open for business..."
  4.  "I voted for this bill because Oregonians would rather get our fuel from Estacada than Saudi Arabia."
  5. You heard from the Citizens Utility Board and the Consumers Union: You can say: "I voted to increase consumer choices," and "competition and diversification protect Oregon households and businesses against oil price spikes..."
  6. "I voted in the interest of my district, not out of state oil executives who fund scare campaigns and make more money in a day than my constituents make in a year..."
  7. "I voted because I believe in Oregon innovation and our ability to drive markets across the country with our ideas and leadership..."
  8.  "I voted to protect shellfisheries from ocean acidification and wheat farmers and livestock producers from extreme heat, which can wreck their productivity..."
  9.  "I voted to protect Oregon’s water resources that feed our hydropower, grow our food, and support our industries..."
  10. Finally, you san say: "I voted for clean fuels because I love Oregon, and I’m proud to protect its people, places and natural resources."
Jana Gastellum's picture

Program Director of Climate, Oregon Environmental Council

, Climate Solutions

Jana joined the Oregon Environmental Council in January 2010 and leads state and regional work to bring about a healthy, low-carbon and equitable communities. Her recent work has focused on implementing programs to advance clean fuels, energy efficiency and limiting and pricing carbon pollution. Jana facilitates the Healthy Climate Partnership, a statewide network of representatives from business, public interest, labor, local government and faith communities all dedicated to furthering climate action in Oregon.

She has a decade of experience building coalitions and advocating for climate policies. Jana previously worked on the UN Foundation/Energy Future Coalition climate team where she helped launch the 25x’25 renewable energy alliance, a joint initiative with agricultural and forestry leaders. In 2013, Jana was recognized as a “4 Under 40” Young Clean Energy Leaders to watch by the Northwest Energy Coalition. She received a B.S. and M.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford University. When she’s not working, she enjoys biking with her husband, hiking, trying new recipes, and puddle jumping with her daughter.