Photo of Wenatchee Link Transit electric bus
Clean transportation hits the road in Wenatchee, WA
Highlights from the Clean Vehicle showcase in Wenatchee earlier this month
Greenhouse emissions
Photo of VP Kamala Harris in front of an electric school bus

The wheels on the electric school bus go ‘round, across the country

In this week's Climate Cast: Electric school buses across the country, air quality woes, upcoming elections, rising methane pollution, and holding NW Natural accountable.

link transit electric bus banner reading clean quiet electric zero emission battery use

Clean transportation hits the road in Wenatchee, WA

Highlights from the Clean Vehicle showcase in Wenatchee earlier this month

Pigs flying

We all did this. And we're not done doing.

Congress' passage of the Inflation Reduction Act clears the way for President Biden to sign the most consequential federal climate policy in our nation’s history into law.

Photo of air pollution from smoke stack

No silver linings. This is just awful

Climate Solutions' quick reaction to the Supreme Court's climate decision in West Virginia vs. EPA

Photo of sunrise over prairie, Mt. Adams Oregon

Two years ago today: One of biggest climate wins in Oregon history

Today is a significant milestone for Oregon’s climate progress, but it requires a little time traveling to the cusp of the pre-COVID times to fully appreciate how far we’ve come.

It's the dawning of a new era for NW climate action

Our climate policy successes have been remarkable. But they're taking place against the backdrop of ever-increasing emissions, and ever-worsening impacts.

Green banner with long exposure photo of highway interchange

Transforming our Transportation: Pathways to Cut Pollution

Transportation is the largest source of our climate pollution in the Pacific Northwest. With new research, Climate Solutions has evaluated options to meet our climate goals in Washington and Oregon, cutting carbon from our transportation system.

Oregon DEQ banner that reads "The Road to Clean Air Starts Here"

Oregon's EQC votes to approve Climate Protection Program

Earlier today, Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission just approved new rules that will help hold Oregon's industrial polluters accountable.

Yard sign that reads "We are going all electric"

Oregon’s “Future of Gas” Process: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Oregon PUC regulators are tasked with figuring out how to protect customers and reduce risk, while gas utilities grapple with how to meet climate pollution reduction goals while continuing to meet customers’ needs.

collage of Mount Hood, a girl cleaning an electric induction stove, and solar panel installers

Turns out it’s a bad idea to burn fossil fuels inside our buildings too

As heat rises, fossil fuel pollution from Oregon’s buildings looms large.



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Dispatches from Denmark's Clean Energy Revolution

100% renewable energy is 100% possible and Denmark is already well ahead on the path. Join Pacific Northwest climate leaders in a debrief on their recent trip to Denmark to learn about the country’s efforts to embrace clean energy technologies including green hydrogen, industrial symbiosis, circular economies and the creation of sustainable communities, and Power to the X.

Please join in online as Climate Solutions Clean Energy Policy Manager Joshua Basofin hosts speakers including: