No coal export signs


Yes: We can stop the largest coal export project in America

Together we have fiercely stood up to Big Coal for the past six years, and we are so grateful for YOU.
Now is our moment of truth to say NO to what would be the nation's largest coal export terminal. Stand with us to support the health of our communities and climate.  
This is the big one—the massive Millennium coal export terminal proposed in Longview, Washington. The public comment period on the terminal’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement is well under way; we have one week left to weigh in.
This project would spread toxic coal dust in dozens of Northwest’s communities, clog our railroads and ports, risk our families’ health, pollute our air and water, and stoke the climate crisis.
Coal’s future is bleak – Millennium backer Arch Coal filed for bankruptcy in January and just last week qave up its 38% share of Millennium Bulk Terminals. Their dreams of mining in Montana’s Otter Creek are over. But Big Coal still wants to have a dirty coal chute to Asia as their last hope to prop up an unhealthy industry.
Fortunately, the movement to stop dirty coal from polluting our towns and rivers is bigger and stronger than ever. Now is our time to raise our voices, and lock out dirty coal once and for all.
Joëlle Robinson's picture

Field Director

, Climate Solutions

Joëlle engages citizens and diverse constituencies—faith, health, veteran, youth, parents, sportsmen, business—to make their voices heard for climate solutions. She led local field work collaboration with our partners toward passing a federal climate bill, and is currently working to ensure we stop any coal export from the U.S. West Coast.

Joëlle was the Regional Outreach Coordinator of National Wildlife Federation where she focused on mobilizing hunters, anglers and concerned citizens around solutions to global warming. Previous work with Climate Solutions includes the NW Climate Connections partnership, serving as the Field Assistant for the successful Clean Cars campaign, and Field Director of the Renewable Fuel Standard, which passed in April 2006.

She is a board member of Earth Ministry and on the Advisory Board for the Seattle Area Happiness Initiative. She previously served on the Solar Washington board and Sierra Club Executive Committee.

Joëlle is a Northwest native who loves to hike, bike, dance, paraglide, and travel. Her favorite quote is “Hope is borne of participating in hopeful solutions.” — Marianne Williamson.