Corporate Gifts Policy

Climate Solutions is a donor‐supported organization. We actively encourage individuals, corporations, organizations and other entities to support our work through donations. Climate Solutions recognizes that actual or perceived conflicts may arise from accepting money from corporations or organizations with values, goals, and/or practices that conflict substantially with Climate Solutions’ goals and work. Climate Solutions thus seeks to limit actual and perceived conflicts of interest, and encourage gifts that are consistent with Climate Solutions’ mission through the following gifts policy: All donations are accepted with the understanding that:

1. Climate Solutions seeks and accepts contributions from corporate and organizational donors who support its mission and strategic objectives. This financial support is welcome, with the understanding that such contributions will in no way influence the organization’s commitment to its mission and strategic objectives.

2. Climate Solutions will post this Corporate Gifts Policy on its website. All donations are accepted with the understanding that:

  1. The contribution in no way implies approval by Climate Solutions of the donor's environmental record or policies, nor limits Climate Solutions’ right to advocate positions or take action of any nature.
  2. The contribution in no way implies approval by the donor of Climate Solutions’ record or specific policy positions, nor limits the donor's right to advocate positions or take action of any nature.

3. Climate Solutions reserves the right to reject donations if it concludes that:

  • They are given with the stated or perceived intent to influence Climate Solutions’position or actions in a way that is inconsistent with Climate Solutions strategic objectives or mission.
  • They are given by a corporation, individual, or entity with a clear and demonstrated disregard or disrespect for Climate Solutions mission.
  • There is good evidence to suggest that the gift is intended to help a corporation or entity falsely promote itself as an environmentally friendly.
  • There is a significant risk that accepting the gift could undermine Climate Solutions’ credibility with important allies and partners or the general public.

4. If a member of the staff or Board wishes to raise questions about the solicitation or acceptance of a gift from a particular source under this policy, the Executive Director is empowered to make final decisions about the application of this policy, following consultation with the Executive Committee of the Board.

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