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Organizations call for reinstatement of Climate Protection Program in OR

by Climate Solutions on

Oregon businesses and community organizations support reinstatement of the Climate Protection Program, Oregon’s path to a clean energy future. A process is now underway to restore the landmark climate policy before the end of 2024.

We won't be pushed backward: No on I-2117

by Gregg Small on

If passed by Washington voters this fall, Initiative 2117 would repeal the Climate Commitment Act, and erase funding for myriad clean energy projects, environmental justice initiatives, and good jobs. Further, the state would be blocked from any action on capping pollution and making polluters pay for their carbon pollution moving forward.

What's A.I. got to do with climate?

by Stephanie Noren on

Geothermal is (literally) heating up, A.I. soaring energy use, and shifting terroir in your glass

Year Two of the CCA: More Money Coming to Washington Communities

by Altinay Karasapan on

On the heels of a fruitful legislative session, Washington held its first Climate Commitment Act (CCA) allowance auction of 2024 on March 6-an important reminder that while the Legislature is done for the year, our work to implement these landmark laws continues! 

Mixed Results from Oregon's 2024 Legislative Session

by Meredith Connolly on

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened — and what didn’t happen — to make further progress on climate during Oregon's 2024 legislative session.

Winning on climate in WA: the importance of perseverance

by Leah Missik on

We notched some clean energy victories in Olympia this year, but there's more work yet to do. And nothing is over until it's over.

Getting renters in on the heat pump revolution

by Jonathan Lee on

Did you know that 24 of Oregon's most advanced, energy-efficient homes are located in Grand Ronde? But how do we get these benefits into the hands of more renters across the region?

Washington deepens its commitment to clean energy with two new climate laws on the books

by Stephanie Noren on

HB 1589 focuses on proactive and customer-forward gas utility planning, while SB 6058 sets the stage for a broader carbon market

Climate justice: rooted in community

by Juan M. Muñoz Jiménez on

Northwest communities are fortunate to have a number of grassroots, BIPOC-led community organizations making connections between social justice, environmental health, and climate. We focus on one such group this week. Plus: the Biden administration pauses new LNG exports

The best offense is a good defense—and we’ll need one

by Gregg Small on

2024 is off to a rapid start on climate action in the Pacific Northwest, filled with incredible stories of success and also some of the most significant threats to our progress in recent memory.One of my favorite stories is the effort in the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma to address pollution from short-haul trucking. Diesel pollution from these trucks creates air pollution and health hazards for the people living near ports and are a major contributor to climate change.

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What's A.I. got to do with climate?

Geothermal is (literally) heating up, A.I. soaring energy use, and shifting terroir in your glass