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The Climate Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with over 15 years of carbon financing experience. Our mission is to provide expertise, financing, and inspiration to accelerate innovative climate solutions that endure. In order to arrest the rise in greenhouse gas emissions and to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate change, The Climate Trust works to accelerate project implementation, develop financing solutions, and establish a supportive policy environment in the renewable energy, agriculture, forestry, energy efficiency and transportation sectors.

We develop and manage a broad portfolio of carbon reduction projects and much of our work currently falls into the biocarbon space. Some of our top projects include:

  • Working with forestry and biogas projects to develop and sell carbon credits.
  • Assessing the economic viability of converting biogas into transportation fuel rather than electricity. With the proper systems and infrastructure in place, other dairies may have more financial incentive to build digester projects of their own, which could lead to cleaner air.
  • Developing an investment vehicle for mission-driven asset managers interested in supporting biogas projects.
  • Working to develop new methods of aggregating carbon credit projects, which will be essential for ensuring the participation of forestry and agricultural projects in the carbon market.
  • Developing new methodologies to generate carbon credits from avoided grassland conversion and biochar projects.

Meet Teresa Koper, Senior Project Analyst with the Climate Trust and member of the Northwest Biocarbon Initiative Advisory Committee.

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