Ariel Brown
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Consultant


Ariel is an educator and writer from Seattle Washington whose equity work is grounded in collective liberation and anti-racism. Ariel aims to close the gap between theory and praxis, working with organizations and communities to diversify and reimagine internal structures. She utilizes a holistic approach to strategic planning,project management, and community outreach in order to create a truly equitable culture where all voices are given an opportunity to be heard. She has facilitated trainings and professional development in areas such as restorative justice, culturally responsive practices, core principles of DEI (Diversity,Equity, and Inclusion), and race-based caucusing. She developed and implemented inclusion programs for special education students in districts across California and Washington that are still flourishing today. Her current equity work has brought her various partners including school districts, nonprofit advocacy organizations, and for-profit corporations.


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