Climate Solutions breakfast 2019


We served climate hope for breakfast

I’ve been thirsty for climate action a while. We all have. And now, with meaningful climate action in Washington, we can catch a few glorious gulps of climate action to quench our thirst. 

Many of us gathered in Seattle last week for our annual breakfast. There, we took in what we’ve just accomplished and reminded ourselves that our clean energy transition is just getting started. 100% clean electricity is the foundation, and we're ready to keep on building—and accelerating our transition to a prosperous, just, and secure clean energy future.

At last week's breakfast, we premiered this brief video laying out our vision for 100% clean, and where we go from here. Check it out:  
Our featured speaker, Senator Rebecca Saldaña, took the opportunity to talk about transportation—the single largest source of climate pollution in our region. As we think about how we get around day to day, she challenged us to remember that spirit of freedom we should feel while we envision and win “a green transportation system that works for all”—one that reduces and eliminates carbon emissions, and serves the basic needs of all communities, while avoiding and reversing the damage that fossil-fueled transportation has unleashed on our climate and our environment. 
Washington is already on the right track, Senator Saldaña noted, with this year’s legislature passing measures to broaden access to electric vehicles and to promote the electrification of vehicle fleets, among other clean energy victories. 
Extending that momentum, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan came to our breakfast pen in hand, and signed an ordinance requiring building developers to include EV charging infrastructure as part of new parking facilities. 
Wednesday provided strong reminders that leadership from our elected officials matters. Broad support matters. It took all of you, all of us, to make this legislative session in Washington successful and it will take us all continuing together to transition away from oil and towards freedom from fossil fuels.   

Thank you all for your support for Climate Solutions and for (lowercase) climate solutions, in all that you do. 

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As Digital Communications Manager, Jonathan uses online tools to extend the reach of Climate Solutions programs, and to expand the community of people and organizations working together for clean energy and sustainable climate policies. He serves as managing editor of, and oversees our email list communications and social media.