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Join the club on this 350th day of the year
December 15, 2020

Today marks the 350th day of the year! But what does that have to do with climate?  

The scientific consensus is clear—too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to global warming, so to address the climate crisis, we have to cut pollution by a lot. We currently have over 400 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere, and we must get down to 350 parts per million. Our climate is at an inflection point and the actions we take have never been more important.

On this 350th day of the year, will you donate $350+ to act on climate?

Climate Solutions’ 350 Club members are an integral part of our organization and your help is needed to propel the transition to our clean energy future. There are so many solutions within reach, from cleaner, more affordable ways to get around, to safe, all-electric ways to heat and power our homes.

By making a $350+ gift today, or organizing your friends to raise that amount, you will help accelerate solutions to the climate crisis. Over 400 people are already part of our 350 Club. Will you join us? 

YES, I want to join

With your support, we know that a brighter future, powered by 100% clean energy, is possible. Thank you for all that you do, and happy 350th day of the year. 

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Jonathan Lee

Storytelling and Digital Engagement Manager, Climate Solutions

Jonathan Lee (pronouns: he/him) has over a decade of experience in nonprofit communications strategy, print and web content creation, public policy advocacy, and promoting equity, diversity and social justice. He believes in making positive change by asking sincere questions, building meaningful relationships, and collaborating equitably toward shared goals.

Jonathan has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and American Ethnic Studies from Willamette University. He spends his free time reading, volunteering, hiking, and listening to jazz music, often with his partner Rachel and their dog Kuma.

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