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We need to deal. Now.

“Let us not talk falsely now. The hour’s getting late.” — Dylan, then Jimi.

The climate crisis is upon us. We don’t need to dwell on the unthinkable consequences, right? We need to deal.

And we know exactly what we need to do: wage and win a clean energy revolution—a bold and just transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. Renewable energy is economically viable now. The opportunities to save energy and money with efficient buildings, cleaner cars, less waste, and better transportation choices are endless. As we accelerate the transition, we can deliver on the promise of broadly shared prosperity and healthy communities—a promise that fossil fuels just can’t offer.

KC Alliance message

But there is one big, fat problem: the entrenched power of the fossil fuel industries. Their campaign of science deception and political intimidation is standing between us and the healthy clean energy future we know we can build.

There’s only one way to do what’s right and necessary: together—labor, health, communities of color, business, conservation groups—people united as a community, determined to win real climate solutions, and mobilized to take back our power.

And the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is where we get together to get it done. 

You know how they’ll fight us? They can’t convince us that endless fossil fuel dependence is a good thing—even they don’t have enough money to sell that stuff. So they’ll have to try to make us accept that we have no choice. That we’re powerless. That we lack the brains and the guts and the will to win our best and only viable future.

Will you accept that? Or will you stand up for Washington, for our values, for our kids, and join the clean energy revolution? The ball’s in our court.

C’mon y’all, we can do this, but we’ve got to lean in and organize bigger, bolder, broader, together. That’s what the Alliance is all about. Will you join us, by signing the “I believe in Washington” pledge today?

Who is the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy?

The Alliance for Jobs & Clean Energy is Washington State’s coalition of individuals, organizations, and businesses fighting for climate justice and clean energy solutions. Together we’re calling for immediate action to reduce climate pollution, advance the clean energy transition, and build healthier communities.

When should you join us? Gillian Welch gets it right: “Later won’t do me no good anyhow. Honey now, now, now.

KC Golden's picture

Senior Policy Advisor

, Climate Solutions

KC shapes policy and communication strategies, with the goal of changing what's "possible" so we can do what's necessary. "Cynicism," he insists, "is capitulation."

He has served as a special assistant to the Mayor of Seattle for clean energy and climate protection initiatives and as an Assistant Director in Washington's Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development, where he directed the state's Energy Policy Office. From 1989 to 1994, he was Executive Director of the Northwest Energy Coalition, a regional alliance working for a clean, affordable energy future.

KC is a leader in the national climate movement, serving on the boards of 350.org (where he is Interim Board Chair) and the US Climate Action Network. He has also been active in the utility industry, helping Seattle City Light become the first major carbon-free electric utility in the late 1990s, and as a Governor's representative to the Executive Board of Energy Northwest, a regional public power consortium. 

KC was one of Seattle Magazine's "Power 25" most influential people, and its #1 "Eco-Hero." In 2012, he received the Heinz Award for Public Policy for his lifetime achievement as a climate advocate and policy architect.

KC earned his Bachelor's Degree at the University of California, Berkeley, and was a Kennedy Fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, where he received a Master's in Public Policy. He retired from Climate Solutions' staff at the end of 2018.