• Sam Pardue - Indow
    A clean tech company in Portland, Oregon is taking strides to make sure that your windows take your breath away, not your warmth. Read more
  • Gresham solar panels
    Sometimes good things lurk in the FOG. In this case, FOG is a waste product—fats, oils, and grease—and it’s a major reason why the City of Gresham was able to turn its wastewater treatment plant from an energy hog into the first net zero energy... Read more
  • Lupita Velazquez

    OPAL - PDX

    Lupita Velazquez

    Oregon's transit justice movement is critical to the success of our climate movement. Read more
  • ATTC students at Linn-Benton Community College
    An Oregon community college is fueling the future, fostering a new generation of mechanics in cleaner alternatives. Read more
  • let_us_buy_the_sugar_shack_web.jpg
    Working together, local groups in Portland's Cully neighborhood are redefining sustainability and development as an anti-poverty strategy.   Read more
  • Renewing Brew - Solutions Story
    From the farm to the foam in your glass, Oregon businesses are building a sustainable life-cycle for beer through clean energy and energy efficiency. Read more
  • Itek Energy
    In a community at the crossroads of our energy future, a growing solar company is making the clean economy real. Read more
  • Shawn Noble - General Biodiesel

    Shawn Noble - General Biodiesel

    A former Texas oilman and a public health advocate stand up to Big Oil, and fight for clean air and homegrown jobs in the Northwest. Read more
  • Storytellers at Fortified

    Bobby Hayden

    Storytellers at Fortified

    One woman shares the story of her rise and fall – and rise again! – as a climate activist: What do an executive, a student, a tribal leader, an activist and a veteran have in common? They were all talking climate action back in February at Fortified... Read more
  • coosbayfirehouse.jpg
    A quiet milestone has been reached in the evolution of solar and other clean energy solutions brewing along Oregon's South Coast, one built on concerted community effort in hand with public, private and nonprofit collaboration. Read more