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This Earth Day, hear from different voices 🌍
April 21, 2023

Earth Day in and of itself wasn't a big part of my childhood. Sure, I volunteered to pick up litter in my neighborhood and "Conviction of the Heart" was one of my favorite songs as a toddler, but it wasn't until my late teens — around the same time An Inconvenient Truth was released — that I learned Kenny Loggins performed that song live on the National Mall for Earth Day 1995. Both "Conviction of the Heart" and An Inconvenient Truth were formative to my worldview that nature is a part of our collective home every bit as much as any four walls and a roof, all of which needs recognition and protection. It's in that spirit that I'm pleased to share some ways to get involved with Earth Day events in your own community.

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On this Earth Day and beyond, thank you for everything you do to move our climate work forward.

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Jonathan Lee

Storytelling and Digital Engagement Manager, Climate Solutions

Jonathan Lee (pronouns: he/him) has over a decade of experience in nonprofit communications strategy, print and web content creation, public policy advocacy, and promoting equity, diversity and social justice. He believes in making positive change by asking sincere questions, building meaningful relationships, and collaborating equitably toward shared goals.

Jonathan studied Sociology and American Ethnic Studies at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. He spends his free time reading, volunteering, hiking, and listening to jazz music, often with his partner Rose and their three dogs.

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