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Oregon and California lead on climate with clean fuels. What about Washington?

Washington has a great responsibility to lead on climate...and a great opportunity to do so right now—by taking action on transporation emissions.

Washington election results: setbacks, motivation, and why we need a Clean Fuel Standard

Tuesday’s results were disappointing, but we’re determined to continue fighting for our climate, our health, and our communities. Join us in supporting a strong clean fuel standard!

We ♥ clean fuels and local climate leadership!

The Puget Sound region has a huge opportunity to clean our air and fight climate change—by enacting a Clean Fuel Standard. Let's encourage our Regional Council to follow through!

ferry crossing Puget Sound

Like clean air? Then let's bring clean fuels to the Puget Sound region.

In the Puget Sound region, we have a great near-term chance to cut climate pollution from our transportation sector, and move beyond oil. 

No, no, no on Eyman's I-976

Tim Eyman's latest voter initiative would be a disaster for transportation in Washington; for public safety, and for the climate. 

The good, the bad, and the opportunity for climate action in Washington

Climate policy is not a single undertaking. We need many solutions working together, building on the success of clean electricity to end our reliance on fossil fuels in our buildings and our transportation. 

Gen Z doesn’t want your climate hope—they want you to act. Here’s how.

Last week's Climate Strike brought me to tears—did you feel the same? How will we respond to this moment?

Follow the (young) leaders

Time to show overwhelming support for equitable and urgent climate action! The youth behind tomorrow's climate sttike are leading the way to a better future–let’s have their backs.

Climate Strike: we were all kids once—let’s show up for them

We CAN act together to slow climate change and mitigate the harms we and others will face...we MUST take the reins of responsibility and do everything we can to leave behind our reliance on fossil fuels...and, by taking action together, we WILL accelerate our transition to an equitable clean energy future.

AAA Gets a Triple "F" on Climate Policy

The end of Oregon’s 2019 legislative session exposed some of the egregious corporate lobbying in Salem that blocks climate action – sometimes in public, but many times behind the scenes in the halls of the State Capitol. One of those companies is the American Automobile Association (AAA) of Oregon.  Yes, the same AAA that you call for a lifeline when your car breaks down – but apparently that lifeline doesn’t extend to the climate emergency we’re currently experiencing.