Rein in the biggest polluters, avert climate chaos

116 degrees.

That was the high temperature in Portland, Oregon on June 28th, 2021. It broke the all-time record high of 112 degrees set just the day before, which in turn broke the record high of 108 degrees set on June 26th. Similar heat records were set throughout our region in one of the deadliest heat waves the Pacific Northwest has ever seen. Alongside raging, destructive wildfires that are becoming a hallmark of Oregon summers and a devastating drought affecting our entire state, it's undeniable that the climate crisis is happening, right here and right now.

That likely feels overwhelming, but there are things we can do about it.

To overcome the climate crisis, we must reduce the biggest sources of climate-harming pollution as quickly as possible and replace them with clean energy solutions. Here in Oregon, fossil fuel corporations burning oil, gas, and diesel and the industrial sector generate the lion's share of that pollution. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has been developing rules to hold these big polluters accountable for the first time, but we're losing ground to industry lobbyists intent on building loopholes and carve-outs to maintain the harmful status quo, without regard for our health or the future of this place we call home.

After more than a year of work, DEQ is closing in on final rules. This is the last chance Oregonians have to weigh in to make the program stronger.

We need your help to stand up to these big polluters

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 We're urging DEQ and Governor Kate Brown to develop robust rules that:

🔬 Follow the science; put a real cap on pollution.

🏭 Don’t give any free passes to fossil fuel corporations or industrial polluters.

🌞 Invest in projects to reduce pollution for Oregonians most harmed by fossil fuels and climate change.

NOTE: Our friends at Renew Oregon are leading this write-in effort; clicking the button above will take you to their website.

Your Climate Solutions Oregon team and our allies from across the state have been showing up at committee meetings, hearings, and other venues to bring this program along in the best way possible for our climate, but we need your help to get this across the finish line. Governor Kate Brown and DEQ need to hear from you. Please sign on today and encourage your friends to do the same.

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