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Events happening in our Oregon Community!
I wanted to mention a few events coming up from other climate and environmental organizations across Oregon.
Climate communications
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🎬 Electric heat pumps are magic

An electric heat pump can help you live in comfort year-round, while also releasing less pollution and saving you money on energy costs.

25 years of brighter tomorrows

Twenty-five years of brighter tomorrows

This year Climate Solutions celebrates our 25th Anniversary. Has it really been that long?

Big oil's bogus blame game: falling for oil company lies has dire consequences

When you hear a chorus of oil companies and their allies railing against climate policy, keep their motivations and high profit margins in mind.

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Freedom from Fossil Fuels: share your story

Climate Solutions has been sharing real, widely available clean energy solutions through our #FreedomFromFossilFuels campaign. Now, we'd like to hear from YOU!

Strategic plan 2022-2026

We've got a new plan.

Climate Solutions' strategic priorities for the next four years.

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What does equitable internet access have to do with climate?

Bridging the digital divide, EVs keep accelerating, fossil fuel dirty deeds, and spreading climate hope.

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Why Oregon’s climate progress is good, but still not enough

If you’re like me, you’ve seen a LOT of studies released about the increasingly dire state of our climate, what’s to come if we do not cut pollution, and how much pollution we need to cut by when.


Use your voice to add solutions to the news coverage

Worsening climate impacts have dominated news coverage. But do you know what’s been largely missing? What we can do about it.

What can we do about climate silence?

There's nowhere in the country where people are talking about climate with others on a regular basis. That needs to change.

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Facebook: stop giving climate deniers a pass

Facebook has been preventing its own fact-checkers from flagging climate disinformation in users' news feeds. That's wildly irresponsible.



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