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Stopping any new coal export off the West Coast continues to be a major stake in the ground for the climate movement. Our Power Past Coal coalition campaign has made major advances in the past year, with two proposals pulled off the table in Oregon, and the WA Dept. of Ecology announcing a broad scope of review for the impacts for the proposed coal export terminal at Cherry Point north of Bellingham, WA. Climate Solutions continues to be a central player in the coalition, bringing new and powerful voices to the table who are calling for clean energy solutions instead of continued investment in the fossil fuels of the past.

From the articulate nine-year-old Dae Dahlquist asking that his future be considered in these decisions, to physicians pressing on potential health impacts, to main street business owners asking that their livelihood be taken into account, citizens from all walks of life have engaged with the scoping comment periods for proposed terminals in Washington at Cherry Point and Longview, and in the public process for Oregon’s proposed terminal at Port of Morrow/St. Helens. The campaign generated a combined total of over 370,000 public comments on the proposed terminals at Cherry Point and Longview, WA. Now with three export proposals off the table, we continue to watchdog the remaining three proposals and partner with community leaders to build a powerful constituency for building a better, more prosperous future in the region.