Our Mission

Cities are responsible for 70% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, therefore reducing carbon emissions in cities is critical to solving the climate crisis. Climate Solutions’ New Energy Cities program worked with the small- to medium-sized Northwest communities to achieve significant greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. By working with communities to set and attain quantifiable carbon reduction targets for buildings, transportation, and power supply, the NEC program catalyzed replicable models of city-led clean energy innovation.

The New Energy Cities program helped pioneering communities take charge of their energy future and drive investment toward a clean, renewable, super-efficient energy system that generates significant local economic development. We engaged communities which embodied these characteristics:

  • Major political leaders are involved and committed to bold leadership
  • Clean energy investment is a top economic development priority for the community
  • Key local private sector leaders willing to collaborate on a sustainable energy strategy
  • Local utility companies willing to engage and collaborate
  • A community with an appetite for clean energy leadership

New Energy Cities offered assistance in city-level carbon reduction program design, policy, finance, as well as in sustainability strategies and 21st century energy systems.

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