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3 more ways to support a just response to COVID-19 and climate this week (Oregon edition)
April 16, 2020

To support our allies and community partners working with communities impacted by COVID-19, we are compiling a weekly COVID and climate email filled with ways you can take action. In this current time of physical distancing, many of us have been forced to reorient our lives, think creatively, and be open to new ways of organizing and problem solving. We hope that this weekly digest will empower you and others by sharing meaningful ways to act. If you have any feedback or suggestions for a future digest, please send an email to

Support your local domestic violence shelter

purple-awareness-ribbon.pngSafe housing is an integral part of environmental justice. The travel and social restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have increased isolation, which is a vulnerability frequently exploited by domestic abusers. Worldwide, domestic violence shelters have reported a major increase in calls for assistance, and these nonprofit organizations rely on private donations to keep their doors open. 

Find your local shelter:

Help keep students fed in your community

sandwich.pngSchool lunches are an important nutrition source for children of struggling families. With schools out due to COVID-19, Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon is seeking donations to provide meals for students out of school. Click here for a list of participating school districts.

Give blood

blood-donation.pngA majority of blood donations usually come from group blood drives, but COVID-19 has caused the cancellation of thousands of blood drives around the Northwest. The Red Cross is seeking more donors to meet the constant need for blood.

Stay safe out there, and thank you for all you do.

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Jonathan Lee (formerly Gates; pronouns: he/him) has over seven years of experience in nonprofit communications strategy, print and web content creation, public policy advocacy, and promoting equity, diversity and social justice. He believes in making positive change by asking sincere questions, building meaningful relationships, and collaborating equitably toward shared goals.

Jonathan has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and American Ethnic Studies from Willamette University. He spends his free time reading, volunteering, hiking, and listening to jazz music, often with his partner Rachel and their three dogs.